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Change doesn’t have to be painful. Our change specialists help you set the stage to make change enriching and profitable for both the individuals and the company.

What is Organizational Change Management?

With any change, whether it is an ERP Replacement, Process Change, or a full Business Transformation, people must adjust. Organizational Change Management (OCM also called Change Management) recognizes the challenges that go with change across the organization and works with the individuals and groups involved to turn this change from a stress point into a productive and even exciting process.

Change must involve people, not be imposed on people.

change management

Why Change Management is also Risk Mitigation.

It is a well-known fact that change is hard. If change is imposed on someone, the likelihood of this being a successful transition is low. Unless an individual has been involved in the change process, they will often resist the change, whether it is a change to process, technology, or both. This results in individual and company stress and lost productivity. Noncompliance is common. In worst case scenarios this can lead to outright project failure. For that reason, Change Management is often considered Risk Mitigation. The right Change Management mitigates this risk and can lead to a successful project outcome on both the company and individual level.

How KnowledgePath will help:

Good Change Management includes getting people involved and motivated to be a part of the change rather than imposing it on them. Involving people in the process of change helps them understand the benefits of the change, the reason for the change, and how to manage it in a positive and productive manner. Because it is so important to the success of your project, it is also a part of our Customer Success Program.

As program managers and agents of change, we observe first-hand how new technology, new services, or process redesign manifests itself depending on the many features that contribute to the overall makeup of each unique organization. At any given company there can be a long list of potential problems or issues, but at KnowledgePath, we’re aware of possible pitfalls and often document areas of concern prior to the actual event. We help smooth the transition for successful training and adoption. When change involves organizational redesign, our change specialists work directly with our clients to facilitate change for a positive, productive, and successful outcome. 

Change doesn’t have to be painful. By partnering with our change specialists, change can be positive and profitable for both the individuals and the company. To help get you thinking about effective change, read more on our blog.

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