ERP Modernization

ERP Modernization

We focus your ERP modernization on time-to-value for faster, actionable results.

‘Industry standard’ is just not how we work. Instead, increasing your efficiency, agility, and competitive edge is our priority. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your ERP modernization moves your company forward quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Tested through over 1,900 implementations, our TrueNorth™ methodology paired with our Customer Success Program ensures that you benefit with reduced risk and substantial ROI.

Finding the best ERP system for you is our first priority. However, because ERP replacement or modernization is just one part of this journey, we continue to help you through the full process involving your people and processes because their effectiveness is just as vital in order for your company to experience real change. 

ERP modernization

Here are just a few ways you and your ERP modernization will benefit from working with us:

  • Reduced cost

  • Reduced risk

  • Increased ROI

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Management consultants who are independent from software, vendors, and implementers

  • Professionals with deep industry experience and the skills to make your ERP project a success

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ERP Modernization

ERP Evaluation and Selection

Being ERP replacement and modernization experts means we have a deep knowledge and significant experience with successful ERP projects. We know how important it is to find and select the right ERP system for your company and what needs to be done to successfully put this new technology to work. We ensure that your people and your business processes are of utmost importance during your ERP selection. Our proven and unique TrueNorth™ methodology is just that, a methodology – not a template. It puts the focus on your business and your customers for a successful outcome that makes your company more productive, efficient, agile, profitable, and competitive. Our Customer Success Program, which is woven into the TrueNorth™ methodology, mitigates the risk points all businesses face when going through an ERP change.

ERP Verification and Validation 

Our timing and processes are unique. We verify and validate for system of choice before you have to commit. In the rare case that the verification process reveals that the system won’t be able to deliver on your functional needs as originally thought, you have saved the time and cost of the wrong software purchase. 

Our validation tools are excellent and will give you the peace of mind to know if the chosen software can indeed deliver as promised. We help to test features and functions of the software program to confirm that the program operates as documented. Without documentation of a proven, successful validation, the software and process you choose could seriously hinder your company’s ability to service your customers.

ERP Rescue and Recovery

Sometimes, despite best intentions, projects go awry. According to major research companies, 80% of ERP replacement or modernization projects fail when professional services such as outside consultants have not been engaged. We are here to help.

Our project managers have been called in to rescue projects in a variety of scenarios and at many levels of a project. Using our TrueNorth™ methodology we can begin to define or redefine the current project, identify problems and solutions, create a road map to success, and then enact the plan. Ready to learn more? Contact us to request an Executive Briefing. We will address your questions with our executive team.

We ensure that you can move forward using your system with confidence.