Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Drive real and sustainable business results.

Every ERP modernization or business transformation involves some level of process improvements. As with every aspect of our TrueNorth™  methodology, how much process improvement is needed depends on you.

As with everything else we do, we put your success first. Our highly experienced and qualified professionals use tools in Lean and Six Sigma, but we don’t take a cookie cutter approach.

Instead, we work with you as a team to ensure your process improvements will benefit your strategic goals.

Here are just a few of the results our clients experience from process improvement:

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Clarity of accountability for decision making

  • Reduced complexity across the organization

  • Streamlined activities to work at optimal performance

  • Reduced cost

  • A company culture that understands how to solve problems versus a “band aid solution” mentality

In other words, process improvement helps you maximize efficiency to put the right amount of effort and focus in the right place, which in turn allows you to grow and meet business and customer goals.

Process Improvement

Process improvement builds a work environment without workarounds and helps to maintain that environment with continuous improvement. It solves problems to free up time, so your company can accomplish more work consistently, not in peaks and valleys.

Why optimize?

Every business changes over time. Technology improves, and the need for technology changes. People grow their knowledge and skills, and turnover is a fact of life. As a result, your value streams accumulate waste. Process improvement removes the waste alongside the other company changes to prevent time and cost inefficiencies and to maximize the abilities of your technology and people.

Process improvement also maximizes your business performance and increases your overall operational agility. This in turn increases your ability to improve customer service and become a world-class competitor.


How KnowledgePath will help.

Our program gives you insight, direction, and results. As a part of our TrueNorth™ methodology, we help you update or even fundamentally rethink how to achieve fast and sustainable results alongside your people and technology, so everything and everyone is working at optimum levels. 

We use a cross-functional and integrated approach that breaks down silos of information and helps you improve the way you work across your organization. This links business strategy with business process, workforce, and technology to help you put the necessary processes, tools, and governance in place for effective, ongoing process management.

Process improvement is part of our Customer Success Program. It will help your people, processes, and technology work together at optimum levels so that all three are assets- not roadblocks.

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